Cooks Islands Voted Best Travel Destination For 2022

November 3rd, 2021

Cooks Islands Voted Best Travel Destination For 2022

Anyone who has been to the wonderful paradise of the Cook Islands would already know it's the coolest destination on earth, and those of us lucky enough to live here count our blessings every day. Now it's official: Lonely Planet, the world's top independent travel publication, has voted the Cook Islands the best country to visit in 2022.

The top 10 destinations have been carefully selected by Lonely Planet travel editors and include tropical islands in the Caribbean and Indian oceans, as well as European and African countries steeped in history and beauty, along with Nepal rising in central Asia.

Lonely Planet notes:

These destinations span the globe and allow you, the traveler, to experience a wide swath of breathtaking experiences. Carefully selected by our editors, our list is meant to inspire and excite you, and help you make your 2022 travel dreams a reality. Of course, we're living in a complex travel landscape. As the global pandemic continues to impact an ever-shifting patchwork of places around the world, we're working hard to balance travel and safety, and a sense of caution alongside our endless sense of wanderlust. As such, our 2022 list is as much a bucket list for the future as it is a to-visit list for right now.

We are honoured that our tiny collection of islands and the vibrant people and culture of the Cooks have been recommended to the travelers of the world as a destination worth experiencing. Although we are a small country, there is much to see and do, supported by a great tourism infrastructure including diverse accommodation options, great dining choices, rental cars and bikes, cultural experiences and many fun activities in Rarotonga and our other beautiful islands.

With limited flights from New Zealand, Australia and Los Angeles, and the global covid pandemic still affecting people around the world, we hope that those who wish to experience the Cook Islands will get a chance to in the near future. The people of the Cooks will be ready and waiting with a warm smile and a friendly Kia orana (hello).